Personal Spiritual Formation Self Study Set (1 Booklet): $99.99 [USA Shipping]

PSF SS Set (1 Booklet) International Shipping: Estimated 6-10 Business Days


Personal Spiritual Formation Small Group Set (includes 6 Booklets): $149.99

PSF SG Set (6 Booklets) International Shipping: Estimated 6-10 Business Days

We have all been called by God to find our purpose and advance His kingdom here on earth. But we must come to a place of spiritual health and maturity in order to carry out the ministry of the gospel. How will we get there?

Grounded in biblical truth and contextualized to today’s culture, the six parts are presented through cutting edge multimedia, personal testimonies, and innovative teaching. Countless lives have already been radically transformed through these lectures all across the country.

Whether for personal use or as a basis for your small group, we want to encourage churches to fully utilize this Dvd Series for the transformation of their members to become men and women that God can fully bless and use.

The Six Lessons are:

  •  The Garden Concept
  •  The Discipline of Honesty
  •  Grieving the seasons of our lives
  •  Bounded Set vs. Centered Set
  •  Shame & Performance
  •  Intimacy: What we fear most, We need most

Additional Booklets: $12.99 Each

Additional Booklets Shipped Internationally: $12.99 Each

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